Friday, December 9, 2011

New Video Demo

Here's my latest free video demo - a collaged Christmas tag :)

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  1. Love the tag--all your tags are great. I use the Scotch mounting tape a lot--a neat trick for removing the backing is to press it in the center with the edge of your finger
    nail and the backing edges will pop up, making them easy to remove. Works like a charm.

    Also, the Scotch double sided tape is a favorite of mine-- always at hand on my craft table as well as the Stickles glitter glues--Stardust is one of my faves...I like the diamond and Crystal too. Can't have too much glitter during the holidays.

    I especially like tape runners but they don't last long making them expensive to use, so I use glue stick or double sided tape mostly.

    I like to watch how/where you place things on your make it look easy, but I know it isn't easy. I'm made many things that I didn't like because they looked off kilter.